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Why should you choose MTBC?


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We're committed

Here at MTBC, we are bound by a commitment to our clients that has built up over our 20 years of Executive Search, and do not take any request of recruitment lightly.

When you select us, you are putting your trust in a company who will not fail to deliver the best. Our commitment is a bond that will ensure a personal approach to recruitment, absolute loyalty to yourself, the client, and an assurance that MTBC will deliver the results you need.

We know that other Global search firms will charge you 35% of the package before a search even commences, then require more payments at intervals of 30 and 60 days, irrespective of whether you hire or not. At MTBC this is unacceptable. A recession climate is not always ideal in doing business but it is no excuse to charge up front for a service that has no guarantee of completion. Your payment is a commitment to results and should be treated as such. Therefore, our standard contract consists of a first payment when you receive the shortlisted candidates and a final payment when you have found the perfect candidate and are offering the job.


We Make it Simple

The process of finding the best people does not need to be complicated by payment plans and bad business models. It needs to be a walk in the park. We will remain flexible during the recruitment process to make sure you as the client are happy. We want your business so will always work hard to get it and prove to you that you have made the right choice in Executive Search.


We're not like every other search company

The Big 4 have become so big and have been around for so long that they are struggling to talk to someone they have not placed or anyone who is not an existing client.
They are tired companies that have become too comfortable in their position and have let their practices slip. All too often it is a case of hiring someone for a leadership position who leaves six months later as they are not suited or do not have the necessary ambition to fill the boots of a top role in a company.
When we recruit or shortlist candidates for a specific role, we do so in order for them to flourish over a long period of time.
Leadership or operational roles should never be regarded as temporary unless the situation requires it. A position at your company should be regarded as a permanent career move.


We're Honest

Upon starting the recruitment process, our loyalty to you begins.
We don’t pinch people from your company or partake in any underhanded negotiation in our search, as that would simply lead to frustrated clients and unhappy employees. Our focus is on keeping your business profitable by implementing the best people. This includes finding the right personality, and often finding the most appropriate salary to match. By making a personal investment to your needs and in the candidates we find, this allows us to create a lasting relationship between you and a potential candidate.


Our priority is for Leadership or Director roles but we can also fill operational positions with the same candid efficiency using our own specialist team, depending on your needs. MTBC prides itself on the delivery of results, and we never waste a client’s time on nonsense, theory and irrelevant people who are not suited to the role. When you choose us, we will endeavor to undertake all of the research and present factual information to you as the client.

You are not just purchasing the services of an Executive Recruiter, you are financing a lasting relationship and improving your company model at the same time.

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