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Hard Work and Professionalism.

Finding the best people does not happen overnight. In order to secure quality individuals to fill leadership and operational roles in your company, a search needs to encompass factors such as experience, knowledge and personality, so that you know target candidates will integrate easily into your business. We like to keep things simple. Upon an application to us we will endeavour to find the best in your target area through trusted research in order to deliver results.
A Global Executive Search from MTBC is based on hard work and professionalism to make sure that filling the most important roles in your company does not give you any sleepless nights.

The process begins in discussing the background of what role you are looking to fill and what type of candidate you are looking to fill it with. Together we will agree on the personality, experience, your ideal candidate and the target companies they may already be employed in. If you already have individuals in mind, we can take them into consideration.

Once we have all the information to hand we will return a list of target individuals and a full job specification so you know we are on the same page.
Next, it is up to you to vet the list so it is in no way contentious. If there are any mitigating factors such as people you already have crossed off the list or politically sensitive individuals for external reasons we can use this to cut the list one by one. The remaining candidates we will then approach discreetly to gain their interest and qualify their suitability for the role based on the information you have provided. What remains is a summary of our discussion with the approved candidates as well as our opinion on their suitability.
If you agree they are the right people you can then move to contact them for an initial discussion as well as interview shortlisted people and progress the preferred candidate to the offer stage.
All the while we can help in references and act as a negotiation partner to make sure the transition into the new position is a smooth one.

By utilising our tried and tested process of recruitment at MTBC, there is no doubt that you will only see quality individuals, not an assembly line of inexperienced workers. Since they have already been targeted and vetted in line with the original information you have provided you will not only see amazing results but also you will see them within days. Also, if it does not work out with your preferred candidate, you can be safe in the knowledge that there are two backup people to fulfil the role. The process of finding the right people will have the added benefit of extending your own network and discovering all the best people available before you finally offer the coveted role. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are not offering a person of an average ability, but the very best in the business. They should display all of the characteristics you are looking for, including being unique to the role they are about to fill.

In performing an executive search with MTBC the end result is to find the best person for the role. However there are added benefits. It will expand your own knowledge of different skillsets that could be usefully implemented into your business, there may be benefits in changing the role completely, information into partnering opportunities, new trends to think about in the market and an insight into what your competitors are doing. Remember that all this information can be gleaned as a by-product of filling one role. The beauty is that MTBC will pass this information on to you, as well as fulfil the original job of finding the perfect candidate for your business.
It couldn’t be simpler to choose MTBC to perform an Executive Global Search for your next leadership or operational role.

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